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Find what you need to help you learn about, market, and sell Office 365.


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    High-level Compliance Vision video

    Video sets the stage for how the Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 compliance capabilities can help your customers better manage regulatory requirements in the midst of data overload.

    Microsoft FastTrack Partner FAQ

    FAQ explores recent FastTrack announcements for Windows 10 Preview and Dynamics 365 Preview; also covers enhanced capabilities for FastTrack for Office 365 and EMS.

    FastTrack Customer and Partner Successes

    Presentation offers real-world SMB and Enterprise customer scenarios, quotes that focus on Microsoft FastTrack and Office 365.

    Welcome to FastTrack Customer Guide

    Guide walks customers through Microsoft FastTrack process and value to help them make a smooth transition to Office 365.

    FastTrack Customer User Guide

    Guide contains step-by-step instructions to help your customers' users understand the new FastTrack site. Content includes site registration, navigation, using the dashboard, and creating success plans and plan snapshots.

    FastTrack Overview Infographic

    Infographic provides a quick read of high-level FastTrack for Office 365 benefits.

    FastTrack Center Planning Details

    Detailed presentation can help your customers better understand their FastTrack for Office 365 engagements, their responsibilities and benefits, and the onboarding process.

    Office 365 E5 Partner Battlecard

    Battlecard outlines Office 365 E5 key messages, sales strategies, conversation starters, objection handling, and key sales/partner resources. 

    Office 365 E5 Partner Battlecard - Data Compliance

    Battlecard outlines Office 365 E5 - Data Compliance key messages, sales strategies, conversation starters, objection handling, and key sales/partner resources. 

    Office 365 E5 Partner Battlecard - End-User Threat Protection

    Battlecard outlines Office 365 E5 - End-User Threat Protection key messages, sales strategies, conversation starters, objection handling, and key sales/partner resources. 

    Office 365 E5 Partner Battlecard - Power BI

    Battlecard outlines Office 365 E5 - Power BI key messages, sales strategies, conversation starters, objection handling, and key sales/partner resources. 

    Office 365 E5 Partner Battlecard - Skype for Business

    Battlecard outlines Office 365 E5 - Skype for Business key messages, sales strategies, conversation starters, objection handling, and key sales/partner resources. 

    Microsoft Teams FAQ

    FAQ provides details to help you better understand Microsoft Teams and respond to customer inquiries.

    Microsoft Teams Customer Pitch Deck

    Presentation can help you guide customers through the benefits of collaboration solutions and how Microsoft Teams can support  the unique workstyles of their organizations' teams.

    Collaborate with Office 365 Presentation Speaker Notes

    Speaker notes help you walk customers through collaboration narrative and provide demo instructions.

    Collaboration with Office 365 Presentation

    Presentation provides an overview of collaboration and Microsoft teams. Includes demo.

    Microsoft Teams Demo Script

    Demo guide and script help you set up your Microsoft Teams demo and walk through features with your customers.

    Bootcamp - Reinventing Productivity - Pitching Office 365 to Customers

    Presentation provides guidance about how to have conversations with your customers about the challenges and opportunitites of digital transformation and how Office 365 can help address them head-on.

    Bootcamp - Amplify Your Business with FastTrack

    Understand what you can expect from Microsoft FastTrack, from customer benefits to an abundance of partner opportunities.

    Bootcamp - Selling the Value of Advanced Security

    What are today's CISOs top challenges and most-pressing security questions? Find out, then prepare to have CISO conversations that show how Office 365 E5 can address.

    Bootcamp - Selling the Value of Voice and Meetings

    Get ready to have conversations with CIOs/BDMs about Office 365 complete cloud communications value, including Skype for Business meetings, Cloud PBX, and PSTN Calling. 

    Bootcamp - Welcome and Kick-Off

    Learn how Office 365 can help you deliver new enterprise customer value for security, analytics, and voice as it opens new opportunities for your practice.

    Skype for Business PSTN Services - Introductory Licensing Overview

    Presentation delves into Skype for Business PSTN features, benefits, plans, and billing.

    Mobility Demo

    Customer demo gives a high-level overview of Office 365 features/benefits on mobile devices.

    Reinventing Productivity Customer Presentation

    Presentation unfolds the challenges and opportunitites of digital transformation and how Office 365 can help your customers address them head-on.

    Reinventing Productivity Presentation Talk Track

    Detailed speaker notes help you deliver a compelling case for Office 365. Accompanies Reinventing Productivity Customer Presentation.

    Document Collaboration Demo

    Customer demo provides an overview of Office 365 document collaboration capabilities.

    Yammer Demo

    Outlook Demo

    Productivity in Life Sciences

    Presentation outlines life sciences organizations' challenges, then dives into highly relevant, detailed scenarios for R&D, operations, and sales/marketing.

    Productivity in Manufacturing and Resources

    Presentation outlines manufacturing company challenges, then dives into highly relevant, detailed scenarios for R&D, operations, field services, and sales/marketing.

    Productivity in Public Safety

    Presentation outlines public safety and national defense organization challenges, then dives into highly relevant, detailed scenarios that include enhanced collaboration, productivity, data/trend analysis, and more.

    Productivity in Retail

    Presentation can help communicate how your retail customers can benefit from the Microsoft Productivity platform—from store floor to back office.

    Forrester: Total Economic Impact of Office 365 - July 2016

    Microsoft-commissioned Forrester Research Group report examines partner opportunities for selling, deploying, and managing Office 365 E5 services.

    Office 365 Planner Customer Pitch Deck

    Presentation reviews how Planner makes it easy for customer teams to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what they're working on, and get updates about progress.

    Office 365 Planner Overview and Video

    Page highlights Planner features; video visually reinforces concepts.

    Office 365 Planner Preview and Guide

    Online guide walks customers through Planner features.

    Office 365 Advanced Security Management To-Customer Overview

    Presentation explains how customers can gain visibility into and control of their Office 365 environments. Includes: threat detection, enhanced control, discovery/insights.

    SharePoint Server 2016 Partner Opportunity

    Presentation provides SharePoint Server 2016 overview, then delves into opportunities for your practice.

    SharePoint Server 2016 blog post

    Blog post articulates SharePoint Server 2016 customer value for both business and IT staff. Includes videos.

    Future of SharePoint

    Comprehensive blog post unveils the new cloud-first, mobile-first vision and roadmap for SharePoint. Includes videos.

    Office 365 E5 PSTN Purchasing and Billing Guide

    Guide explains current and upcoming PSTN features that can help improve the flexibility of your customers' meeting and voice capabilities. 

    Office 365 E5 PSTN Consumption Billing

    Presentation reviews PSTN release announcements, geo/channel availability, and consumption billing details.

    SharePoint Server 2016 Partner FAQ

    Detailed FAQ articulates partner opportunities and covers topics from SharePoint strategy to SKUs and pricing. Includes info for IT Pros.

    Foreign Language Pack - Office 365 SMB Pitch Deck

    Customer-ready presentation arms you with the Office 365 SMB story: features, benefits, value props, and customer stories. Foreign language pack offers nine options.

    Upsell SMB Customers to Office 365 - Battlecard

    Quick read of Office 365 key benefits, plan, features. Idenifies target customers and outlines upsell opportunities.

    Office 365 Upsell Paths

    Presentation walks through target customer scenarios to identify Office 365 upsell opportunities. Offers quick plan comparison.

    Office 365 SMB SKU Transitions Overview

    Overview offers guidance, Q&A, and  links to materials that support SMB customers' moves to new Office 365 plans.

    Office 365 Partner Admin Center Overview

    Walk through Office 365 Partner Admin Center, step by step. Links to key resources to help better manage end-to-end customer relationships.

    Office 365 Open End-Date SKU Calculator

    Simple tool can help you walk midsize Office 365 customers through the Open program and Small Business Premium/FPP.

    FY16 Office 365 SMB Messaging Framework

    Messaging framework articulates the latest Office 365 value proposition, including features/benefits, for small and midsize business customers.

    Office 365 Drumbeat Product Demo

    Video provides step-by-step guidance for provisioning an Office 365 demo environment, so you can show customers Office 365 value. Highlights features like Groups, Planner, and Delve.

    Partner Guide – Working with the Microsoft FastTrack Center

    Detailed guide provides an in-depth view into the FastTrack process. Includes templates and  links to key resources.

    Modern Workplace Presentation Speaker Notes

    Detailed speaker notes to accompany the Modern Workplace Enterprise Office 365 Pitch Deck.

    Office 2016 Quick Start Guides

    Downloadable, customer-ready guides can help customers take full advantage of Office 2016 apps, including Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

    New and Improved: Office 2016 in Office 365

    Walks customers through what's new and improved in Office 2016 for Office 365. Offers additional links to related resources.

    How to become a Microsoft Cloud Partner

    Resources can help you get started on building a successful cloud practice.

    Office 365 Demos

    Demo environment and accompanying guide can help you show customers the full range of Office products. Local installation not required.

    Office 365 Trust Center

    Comprehensive resource enables you to effectively respond to customer questions about Office 365 security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

    Why Microsoft?

    Website offers key resources that articulate how Microsoft products stack up against the competition. Great sales tool.

    Ignite - Office 365 Technical Readiness

    Office 365 product-level technical training via session presentations, videos, white papers, and labs. Connect through the Office 365 Ignite portal, global events, and webcasts.

    Office 365 Service Descriptions

    Office 365 TechCenter library houses detailed descriptions of Office 365 services and features.

    Office 365 FastTrack

    New, three-step sales and deployment methodology can help you quickly and easily move customers to Office 365; uncover opportunities to offer managed services.

    Office 365 Partner Community Yammer

    Connect with other Office 365 partners, hear about the latest offers and recent product announcements, ask questions, and share best sales practices.

    Office 365 Technology Blog

    Insightful posts help you stay up-to-date on Office 365 product developments/feature enhancements and the latest customer stories.

    Office 365 Roadmap

    Roadmap offers detailed descriptions of new and upcoming Office 365 features and functionality. Available to you and your customers.

    Forrester: Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 365 For Manufacturing Organizations

    Today, manufacturing organizations are using cloud technologies to transform their business and lower IT costs. In a Microsoft-commissioned Total Economic Impact Study, Forrester Consulting looked at how manufacturers can benefit from Microsoft Office 365. Analysis? Office 365 lowered the solution’s TCO, increased user productivity and efficiency, enabled greater focus on strategic priorities, and improved communication and collaboration for deskless workers. From research and design for custom quoting and specifications to inventory and logistics and quality control, your Office 365 solutions can improve manufacturing operations. Share Forrester’s findings with your manufacturing customers to help drive your Office 365 sales.

    Forrester: Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Office 365 For Government Organizations

    Government organizations are employing cloud technologies to transform citizen services, improve internal operations, and tackle 21st century challenges. In a Microsoft-commissioned Total Economic Impact Study, Forrester Consulting looked at how governments can benefit from Microsoft Office 365. Analysis? Office 365 lowered the solution’s TCO,  increased government employee productivity and efficiency, improved citizen services, enabled governments to complete more projects with fewer resources, and improved IT security and compliance. Share Forrester’s findings with your government customers to help drive your Office 365 sales.

    Advanced eDiscovery

    High-level overview covers how integrated Office 365 compliance solutions can help customers protect data and manage legal requirements

    Advanced eDiscovery blog post

    Office team blog post rolls out Advanced eDiscovery features and benefits, with supporting video

    Delve Analytics

    New Office team blog post offers feature overview, video

    Delve Analytics blog post

    Office 365 Partner Community blog post explores Delve Analytics and Power BI partner opportunities

    Exchange Online

    High-level, customer-facing overview of Exchange, with links to case studies, blogs for more in-depth information.

    Exchange Online blog post

    Highly informative blog post offers insights into Exchange Online Protection investments, the latest features. Includes video. Customer-ready.

    Power BI Mobile app

    Online overview of Power BI mobile app benefits, with links to download Windows, iOS, and Android versions.

    Power BI Desktop

    Online overview highlights Power BI Desktop key features, with link to updates.

    Power BI

    Online overview of Power BI service features short video of features/benefits.

    Project Online

    Overview describes Project Online capabilities for project portfolio management.

    SharePoint Online

    Brief online overview offers feature descriptions and benefits.

    Skype for Business

    Brief online overview explains infrastructure simplification through a single platform for meetings and voice. Includes links to deeper content/resources.


    Online entry point to Visio resources, including a guided tour, blog, and Visio Professional 2016 features.

    Visio blog post

    Blog post describes Visio 2016 features, uses screen caps for visual support.


    Online overview of Yammer features includes links to related reports, customer success stories.

    Microsoft productivity vision video

    Cool customer-ready productivity video suggests where emerging technologies could take us in 5 - 10 years.

    Office 365 demo

    Find the latest demo resources to help you make a customer case for Office 365.


    Quick overview outlines Microsoft Access 2016 feature basics


    High-level, customer-facing product overview, with links to blog, video.


    Brief online OneNote overview. Includes links to related videos.


    Online overview of Outlook 2016 features.


    Online overview of PowerPoint 2016 features.


    Online overview suggests Project 2016 version by customer role. Includes video.


    Online overview of Publisher 2016 features.


    Brief overview of Word 2016 features.

    Advanced Security

    Dig into how Office 365 takes security and compliance to the next level. Access to report, video, article.

    Office 365 Trust Center

    Web page and related resources, including videos, can help your customers understand Microsoft's commitments to security, privacy, and compliance in the context of Office 365.

    Office 365 data-protection blog post

    Blog post and accompanying video explain Office 365 everywhere data protection through features like Data Loss Prevention and Advanced Threat Protection.

    Exchange Server 2016

    High-level Exchange Server 2016 overview of features and benefits.

    Project Server 2016

    Online overview of Project Server 2016—a flexible, on-premises solution for project portfolio management. Includes features and benefits, links to resources. 

    SharePoint Server 2016

    Brief, online SharePoint Server overview.

    Skype for Business Server

    Overview of Skype for Business on-premises, secured, controlled UC capabilities.

    Microsoft FastTrack

    The hub for the FastTrack success service. Can help ease customers' moves to Microsoft cloud services, like Office 365 and EMS. Includes access to offers, success plans, resources.

    FastTrack Q4 Update Presentation

    Detailed presentation provides an overview of the FastTrack service, and delves into its updates, including key resources.

    FastTrack Q4 Update Partner Webcast

    Webcast reviews the latest changes to the FastTrack service, including tools to help you improve customer value and usage.

    FastTrack roadmap

    Office 365 roadmap outlines service updates; includes FastTrack service updates.

    Microsoft FastTrack Partner Guide

    Through a step-by-step approach, partner guide can help you navigate the online FastTrack process/experience.

    Office 365 Adoption Guide

    Guide can help your customers understand  the components of a successful Office 365 rollout, craft a vision, and make plans that encourage adoption.

    FY14 Office 365 Deployment Offer FAQ

    Partner-specific FAQ covers qualifiers, SKUs.

    FY14 Office 365 Deployment Offer Terms and Conditions

    Offer T&Cs includes eligibility, qualifying SKUs, claiming investment funds.

    Office 365 Value Discovery Workshop Partner FAQ

    FAQ defines VDW, how it works, and how it can help drive your practice revenue.

    Office 365 Value Discovery Workshop Partner Get-Ready Kit

    Get-ready kit can help you shape your VDW process. Contains links to customizable VDW customer-ready assets.

    Office 365 Value Discovery Workshop Demand-Generation Kit

    Guidance and customizable, customer-ready resources can help pique interest in your Value Discover Workshops.

    Office Universal Apps for Windows 10 FAQ

    Read about the rollout of new, touch-optimized Office apps for Windows 10 platform.

    Office 365 Value Discovery Workshop Facilitator and User Guide

    Through screen caps, step-by-step guide walks you through VDW process/tool.

    Office 365 Buy E4 Now Offer FAQ

    Partner FAQ reviews Office 365 Buy E4 offer eligibility, general offer questions, and deployment investment parameters.

    Office 365 Buy E4 Now Offer Overview

    Single slide succinctly summarizes the Office 365 Buy E4 Now offer.

    Office 365 Buy E4 Now Offer Process

    Single slide visualizes the Office 365 Buy E4 Now offer funding-request process.

    Office 365 Buy E4 Now Offer Terms and Conditions

    Offer Ts&Cs walk through eligibility requirements, funding, and SKUs.

    Office 365 Buy E4 Now Offer Guide

    Guide offers a step-by-step view of FastTrack access, offer elibility requirements, and offer requests.

    SureStep Profitability Benchmark Assessment Tool

    Excel-based tool helps you identify where you are in the cloud journey. Companion presentation provides further insights, best practices.

    SureStep Profitability Benchmark Overview

    Presentation reviews the stages that can lead to cloud partner success/profitability. Provides step-by-step guidance.

    SureStep Profitability Benchmark Playbook

    Playbook provides partner guidance and best business practices, with detailed activities and steps to take along the cloud journey.

    Microsoft Office 2016 Pitch Deck

    Customer-ready presentation reviews Office 2016 features/benefits for BDMs and IT staff.

    Microsoft Office 2016 Product Guide

    Guide uses screen caps to walk customers through new and enhanced Office 2016 features. Includes a Perfect-for-Windows 10 section.

    Microsoft Office 2016 Release for Office 365 Licensing – Partner FAQ

    FAQ explains Office 2016 apps in the context of Office 365.

    Microsoft Office 2016 Presentation – Partner

    Short partner presentation provides overview of Office 2016 app features, new server value, and partner opportunities.