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Making the sale comes down to a few key factors: recognizing the opportunity (and acting on it). Knowing the products (and how to articulate their value). Understanding your customers’ challenges (so you can establish trusted relationships). The spectrum of Drumbeat partner sales training can prepare you to help small businesses with the basics and address complex, enterprise customer scenarios with value-added solutions.

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Based on partner input from around the globe, Drumbeat sales training delivers the information you need to help shape highly relevant customer conversations, deepen engagement, drive Office 365 sales.



Office 365 sales fundamentals

Knowledge: It builds your cred. Instills customer confidence. When shared freely, engenders trust. Drumbeat Start partner sales training provides foundational Office 365 knowledge and the insights you need to help generate and amplify Office 365 opportunities.

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Introduction to Drumbeat

Ready to sell Office 365? Drumbeat sales training and coaching can help you do just that. Progressive and packaged according to where you are in your Office 365 sales maturity—Start, Grow, and Optimize. Drumbeat Start provides you with Office 365 sales building blocks.

Office 365 Overview

Office 365—Microsoft's fastest-growing commercial product in the company's history―continues to be cloud frontrunner. Learn how Office 365 provides enterprise customers with a flexible path to the cloud, and delivers a comprehensive productivity experience.

Partner Opportunity

Learn about the Office 365 partner revenue opportunity across all phases of the customer lifecycle. Then, find out how Microsoft supports your Office 365 opportunity through partner investments in channel incentives, offers, enablement training, and support.

Customer Pitch

Learn how to convincingly tell the Office 365 story to your enterprise customers, using the proven Office 365 pitch developed by the Microsoft field sales team.

Product Demo

Learn how to set up and deliver the Office 365 Enterprise customer demo, so you can effectively showcase Office 365 productivity features.

Licensing and Availability

Office 365 product offerings continue to evolve, and today's commercial licensing options are more flexible than ever before. Learn about Office 365 commercial licensing models, understand the differentiation between enterprise offerings and channel availability.


Selling and deploying Office 365 are just parts of the total Office 365 partner opportunity. Every day, you help customers get the most value from the products and services you provide. That's why we created Microsoft FastTrack—a success service that can help your customers to smoothly and confidently make the move to Microsoft cloud services. Find out how to take advantage of FastTrack to speed customer time to value, and move more quickly to deliver high-value services that can expand revenue streams for your practice.


With more robust Office 365 support offerings and partner-specific Office 365 service features, you can better serve your customers. In this session, understand how both you and your customers can take advantage of available Office 365 support offerings.

Objection Handling

Customer objections to Office 365 are generally predictable. Learn how to respond effectively to potential customer objections by knowing the resources available to you and to your customers.